We’re pleased to share the news that Florida is making great strides in making medical marijuana accessible to a greater portion of the state population. The passing of Amendment 2 will let patients suffering from a greater number of illnesses to benefit from the effects that that CBD cannibis oil provides (Source: flmedcannabis.org). Now, those suffering from the following illnesses can obtain access to new strains of medical marijuana:

The new strains are designed to maximize the beneficial effects for users by reducing THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) levels, while maximizing the amount of cannabis oil found in the samples. The lower THC counts will reduce the psychoactive effects of the drug, or that sensation of being “high” from using the drug. This will enable more people to tolerate the drug, so they can obtain the medical benefits provided by the CBD oil found in the drug. (Source: hlbenefits.com)

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What Can CBD Oil Do For You?

CBD oil is legal everywhere in the United States, so gaining access to this substance is much easier than people realize. In addition to the oil, the compound has been infused into creams and ointments, edible products, and oil capsules, which allows each individual to choose the option that best suits their needs or personality.

Medical Marijuana Treatment Centers are regulated by the Florida Department of Health, through the Office of Medical Marijuana. This ensures that THC counts are reduced in the products offered to patients. In marijuana with normal THC levels, serotonin is boosted by the bonding of the marijuana’s cannabinoids to the body’s natural cannabinoids. This process is what creates the relaxed feelings associated with the “high” produced by the drug. When THC is reduced and CBD counts are increased, the CBD oil works to relieve pain without multiplying that relaxed feeling.

These new strains utilize higher CBD counts to provide the greatest benefits to patients. This is particularly useful in treating mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety. CBD oil is preferred over prescription medications, because, as a natural substance, it provides no harmful side effects. Any adverse reaction that you do experience may be eliminated through an adjustment of the dosage size or frequency.

In a study reported by Alice G. Walton, 15 males, all of whom were not regular marijuana users, were divided into three test groups. One group was given THC in capsule form, while the second group was given CBD in capsule form, and the third group was given placebo capsules containing flour. The subjects were given a computer test in which a rapid flashing light appeared on the screen. The men had to determine whether the light was closer to the left or the right side of the screen. The groups taking the CBD capsules and placebos performed the best, during the testing.

When You’re Ready to Try CBD Oil

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